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Whose ready to get Railed? Plus Sneak Peeks and a Surprise!

Greetings fellow Patriots!

Well the time is almost upon us. The rail upgrades will finally begin arriving this week. Tuesday specifically, and we will be shipping them out just as fast as we can physically manage after a couple of fitment and function checks. We have asked our manufacturer to partial ship us the parts so we can start filling orders ASAP. Your patience and support throughout this entire process is so greatly appreciated, we cannot even begin to express our gratitude here at ROOK Tactical. Since going live in January we have experienced some unparalleled growth and very unexpected success, and that's thanks to YOU our customers. So THANK YOU!

As I am sure you will all recall we had the issue with some unwanted Chinese material. Because of this we will be shipping G17 Rail orders initially as they will arrive first. If you have an order in for BOTH rails then the wait will be around another week and a half as the manufacturer is going to finish out the run of G17 rails and then immediately begin manufacturing the G19 Rails. Those will arrive again in a partial ship but we should have enough to cover at least all the pre-orders at that point. Keep an eye out for your ship notice!

For the rest of you who did not place a pre-order, the pre-order itself is now closed. The rails will be going up for general sale once we have received ALL of our outstanding orders and fulfilled ALL existing pre-orders. There will be another drop/blog post announcing sale to general public. Website members will get FIRST dab at it before it goes out the the MGB Crew, and then across the Forums. It's highly recommended you sign up for our website to stay in the know, and not miss out on the sale.

We expect to have about 100 of each type of rail after fulfilling pre-orders so we think they will go quickly, but we will more than likely be placing an immediate order for more with around a 4 week lead time.

Still here? Still reading? Good! Now that I have your attention are you ready for some sneak peeks?

ROOK Tactical has been nothing short of busy here lately. We have a LOT of parts in development. A couple of them must remain secret for now to retain a competitive advantage but here are the things we can talk about.

ROOK Tactical SMOOTH OPERATOR and OEM Style Spring Safety Plungers.

The shortage of parts pushed us to move into development some enhanced spring plungers. The first prototypes were received this week, and I added one of the Smooth Operator plungers to my Strike80 with the Timney Alpha Glock trigger. It made a great trigger just that much better. The OEM style one also feels like a small improvement, but I wouldn't trust my finger dyno - so you probably should just check for yourself and get one of each.

We will be going live with options for 9mm/.40 and 10mm/.45 very soon. These will be machined from our favorite 17-4PH Heat Treated Stainless Steel for a lifetime of use. They will also probably be added as an option to our "Its Almost Stock Glock Upper Parts Kit".

Next we have received A LOT of enquiries about what other sizes of rails if any we are looking to make. Since we lost one of our suppliers over the Chinese Material debacle ROOK has been searching diligently for a new supplier so as not to be single sourced and we may have struck gold! ROOK found a new supplier that can manufacture rails getting us back to having two suppliers which should reduce lead times with staggered orders. The second item the new supplier will quote will be the G26 Rails. They will be out for quote this week if you would be interested in a pre-order then please comment below this blog post. The lead times should be <6 weeks for the first batch:

Other things in the works include Extractor Depressor Plungers and a performance adder for the rails in the form of DLC coating. DLC stands for Diamond Like Coating. Its extremely hard and super slick and part of a bigger picture overall. Got the first ones in this week and they look spectacular though we are having a hard time choosing between matte or shiny tell us what you think below:

Last but not least..... If things go to plan when we put the front rails up for general sale we will also be putting the ROOK Tactical Rear Rail Solution up for sale NOT Pre-order....psssttt they are machined not stamped. SURPRISE!

They will fit the G17,G19, and G26 Style frames and that's all we can say for now other than the large frame solution will follow closely behind.

Please excuse the blemishes these were prototype rails and the final production pieces will be perfect. In case you missed the clue earlier these are the first things our new supplier is producing for us.

Last but not least we still have some of the Mostly Complete Upper Kits in stock so if you are still trying to build out your G17 Upper these will have most of what you need. Price drop of $5.00 for today only for those who made it this far!

As always thanks for Gettin' ROOK'd! If you want to be in the know first then PLEASE sign up for our website as the drops always hit here first.

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25 commentaires

Yes for G26 Rails, please do it

i want 4 sets now.

i have g26 build im working on from start of the year, the rails i have from p80 not working, not even, it has legs way off, not top quality, cant finish it.

how do i preorder?


I'd like to get in on the G26 Rails.


17 avr. 2021

Well I see that the front blocks are in, did the rear rails hit the site as well and I just missed them?


16 avr. 2021

"The DLC coating" is a Top Shelf idea. All my BCGs are DLC or Nickel Boron and makes super slick and easy to clean and less chance of build up. But everyone here knows that and I 'll repeat to count me in and I am more in favor of the darker rails but will take whatever. I'm sold on the quality and durability of your products.

17 avr. 2021
En réponse à

Man I wish I had been able to get some of these before they became like The elusive silverback gorilla, impossible to find in stock. And if you can they cost twice as much as they used to, or 50 to $75 I always really wanted a DLC bcg pecifically


Cant wait to get some rear rails!!

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