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Founded in 2020 ROOK Tactical is a provider of Engineered Solutions for the dedicated, driven and discernible shooters of today. With an initial focus on upgraded rails for Polymer Pistols of the 80% variety and GLOCK parts, we will be expanding across others platforms as we grow. Thanks for visiting ROOK Tactical!


ROOK Tactical is PROUD to hail from the Lone Star State. Texas is our home, and definitely where we see ourselves being based for the near and far future. As a state that loves Firearms, Technology, Innovation and Small Business we feel it is the perfect location for ROOK Tactical as we continue our growth over the coming years. What started as a small idea in my home office, has now expanded into a small facility with a CNC machine and managed inventory. Almost every single item manufactured by ROOK Tactical is made right here in Texas and we intend to keep it that way.


At ROOK Tactical we believe strongly that the keys to success lies with innovation, technology

advancement, solid engineering and outside the box thinking. We brought a revolution to the market with our rails when they were initially released. While we have built an entire company around that original idea, we understand resting on your laurels is not the way to continually breed success. In 2023 there will be a lot of new product innovations and ideas that we hope to bring to market. Stay tuned it will be an exciting ride!

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