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Whoopsie! ROOK Tactical makes a Boo-Boo....

Hey Y'all

So we discovered that we may have made a slight transgression during the Black Friday Sale in that all of the LPK's we shipped were missing their connectors!

However not to worry if you did purchase an LPK and are scratching your head as to the whereabouts of your connector(s) we have already packaged them all up and we will ship today that one missing part that's kind of important! We prefer to be pro-active instead of reactive so we just got it done.

If you purchased an LPK and simply MUST have a tracking number for your missing connector(s) then reach out to with your order number and name and we will shoot that over to you. Rest assured however that they are on the way and should be with you soon - if you purchased an LPK and do not receive your connector by middle of next week - again reach out and we will get you sorted one way or another.

As an apology and as a last chance for you Black Friday Stragglers we are offering 15% off most items in the store for today only.

Other important news.

ROOK Tactical will be "CLOSED" December 9th thru December 29th

As ROOK has stated before we are very family oriented and basically want to be able to close for a period of time over Christmas every year. We are currently working on a new updated website and a few other projects, and plan to take some time over the Christmas break to get those finished out and put some other stuff in order (like rear rail production).

Trust me we have some product releases coming that we think are going to be amazing, we just need a little more time to get it all right.

Also its a good opportunity for us while things are slow to reflect, plan for what our 2023 course is, and just generally slow down from the rabid pace that has consumed us the past two years since ROOK's inception.

There will be a banner up on the site and we are adding an FAQ and info section to the chat but essentially if you order anything December 9th through 29th then we ask that you be patient and understand it may not ship until January 1st or a little later.

Now this isn't to say there won't be a few sneaky product drops over the winter break *cough cough* *Coated Front Rails* *Cough *cough*

Just please understand they will not ship until the New Year.

That's all I got - we appreciate you guys our customers very much and hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas and an amazing 2023!

Love Y'all


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Thanks for the heads up about taking some time off over the Christmas vacation. Just wanted to say I absolutely love your front rails and am anxiously awaiting some more rear rails to be in production. Also wanted to let you know I think your dimpled pins are wonderful and add a little pizzazz to a black or any color of frame for that matter! Keep up the good work and please remember the reason for the season. God Bless!!

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