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What's the frequency? Not enough apparently....

Okay...SO...we have gained quite a few new members since the MGB Video drop.

If you have not seen the video yet please go here and watch it and support my good friend Kenny Graham otherwise known as Marine Gun Builder! He is a massive supporter of this community and a large part of why ROOK is even here so please go and view this video - after you have secured your ROOK rails of course.

Our website membership has grown over 35% in the last week. Which is bananas and AMAZING!. It took us 9 months to get to the level we were at just a week ago and a week to add 35% to that. So while we thought we were busy before we see that now only increasing...dramatically.

Along with this new growth I have probably fielded over 200 e-mails and messages asking when Rails will be back in stock? ROOK is constantly striving to keep up, and we have been placing larger and larger orders as we have grown, but we never seem to be able to satisfy the demand. Some of this is our suppliers, and some is just plain learning and experience. With all the new members on board,

I now expect the rails to last even less time so if you get here and they are gone...they are gone...until the next re-stock. Hopefully in a week.

We thought about limiting the numbers that people could purchase, but that sounds quite frankly communist, and not what we are about. However I would appreciate it if on "honor code" all the new members don't come in and immediately buy 10 sets. We have more on the way I promise, and we are trying to get to weekly deliveries.

There are many supply chain issues we are dealing with currently especially as everything we do is MADE IN THE USA and always will be, so your patience would be very much appreciated.

I promise we are working on ways to bring more consistent deliveries in and hopefully the fruits of this will begin to blossom in the next few weeks to a month. All I can ask is that you please be patient, and if you get to the site and find the rails out of stock - that's exactly what it means we are out until next time, and they sell out pretty quick. Please ensure you are signed up for back in stock alerts and the website as that is the BEST way to be informed of what's coming.

BUT - we DO have something exciting for this weeks drop. We are happy to now offer our very popular SMOOTH OPERATOR Safety Plungers in DLC (Diamond Like Carbon). These things came out...AMAZING...Kahn has run some through testing, and they are good to go and so far show zero wear after some pretty hard testing.

We wanted to test the DLC coating from our new vendor and figured start small so we went about as small as we could go with Safety Plungers. They are quite simply....SEXY....seriously I want to DLC coat ALL the things...

First person to name the book its sitting on gets a free one of their choice either .45 or 9mm/10mm/.357/.40 (yes it fits them all)

Other than that we got 100 of the PF45/ P940V2 front rails, 70 of the P940C/Strike80 Rails and 70 of the P940V2/C/SC rear rails in stock.

PF45 rear rails are out of stock for a few weeks more.

Oh and the Nomad Defense 30274 Clone that is quite excellent is back in stock and we added MORE of their trigger housings too.

That's all folks!



Oh - I almost forgot - for those of you that read to the end we will also have the LAST of our blemish rails going in stock we have 2! P940V2 Front and 4! P940C/Strike80 front rails in stock at Blemish pricing. I expect those to literally last about 3 minutes.

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No worries, its been a busy year for all. Besides your Rails & orders in general have all been on point & to me thats what matters. I sent an email reply but figured Id acknowledge your comment here too. Thanks & have a great night.

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