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UNO UPDATE! - May the 4th Sale!

Hey Y'all!

Let me open with the fact that we are having a 15% off sitewide sale for May the 4th for all you Star Wars nerds out there. Hans shot first! Fight me!

We have also started to stock some limited Holosun Optics but will expand over the next few months and we also have some sought after OEM 10mm 6" Hunter Glock Barrels in Stock.

No compact front rails at the moment but have plenty of rears both coated and uncoated for the Compact/SC/V2 frames.

Going to take some extra percentage off the Sub-Compact Stainless FRONT rails also so those will be about as cheap as they will ever be.

Its been a hot minute since we posted anything and we have good reason. ROOK has been hard at work getting The UNO ready for production. Its coming along nicely - so here are some sneak peek pictures below. This is NOT the finished product these are some of the first R&D prototypes that we built for testing and tuning and dialing in the machine. The good news is so far....the holes line up! we still have a few other prototype pieces to perfect but we are shooting for an end of May/middle of June release with deliveries following soon after. Sign up to be notified by clicking the logo below and signing up for the back in stock notification:

As you can see the jig has quite a few pieces - this doesn't show all of them, but when you are working to make it fit EVERY frame that Polymer80 makes along with a few others then it is indeed a challenge. We now have 9 months of R&D, Patent Processing and Machining test parts under our belt to get this far. You may be wondering.......

Will it fit the 75% monstrosities? - The UNO has accommodations for the fourth drill hole however we made the decision NOT to pursue the rear trigger housing bridge or front leg pockets for the rails. The reason being the 75% frames turned out to be a short lived abomination (thankfully) and the time and investment required to make this truly compatible with those frames was far outside of our patience and budget at this time. That's not to say we won't revisit in the future. We have some ideas about some interesting solutions for finishing out the 75% frames, and the good news is with the UNO being so modular we should be able to adapt and overcome at a later date.

I thought you said it would fit the GST-9 and Lone Wolf Frames also? - With the release of the "infinity jig' and the fact that it comes with the rails along with the Lone Wolf being currently discontinued we decided that not pursuing those at this time, and having separate (reasonably priced) add on kits ready to go at a later date was a better solution. This got us to market faster at a reduced price while providing the solution that we think most people are looking for and that is of course the Polymer80's.

Why do I need your Jig when I can buy the Polymer80 with jigs again? - Ah yes you can! But Polymer80 is also offering blanks WITHOUT jigs so instead of having to buy a new jig every third or fourth frame now you buy one jig that never has to be replaced. For real look at this thing it's ROBUST!

If you have any other questions at all then please feel free to reach out to me at and we will be happy to answer any and all queries.

Lastly - I had the pleasure of joining The Rogue Banshee on his podcast last night:

We talked through a lot of things including how ROOK started and a more indepth discussion on The UNO. It should be released across various channels Sunday/Monday so myself and I am sure Rogue Banshee would very much appreciate if you could tune in and listen for an hour. It was a pretty great conversation! Also just take a minute and subscribe to his channel he has some GREAT instructional videos on 1911 and 2011 building.

Love Y'all


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1 Comment

May 04, 2023

If we already have the P80 jigs for all the frames we have, is there still a good reason to go with the Uno jig? Is it more precise than the plastic jigs? Less likely to wander during pin hole drilling?

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