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The ROOK Tactical BIG RAIL SALE is Here! On Saturday......

Updated: Apr 24, 2021

Going to go ahead and try something new today. Its worth watching until the end!

The ROOK Tactical Big Rail Sale will go live at 2PM CST on Saturday 24th of April and we will have the following until they sell out:

G19 Front Rails -

G17 Front Rails -

G17/G19/G26 Rear Rails -

Along with a little something for all you G43 guys who are desperate for parts:

G43 OEM Factory GLOCK Night Sight Set for $105.00!

G43 Rear Trigger Housing Pins

G43 Safety Plunger Springs

G43 Extractor Depressors

For the .45/10mm guys we will have some firing pins in stock

Got some NON-LCI AND LCI Spring bearings for the 9mm/.40 guys

ROOK Tactical also still have a few of the Partial Upper Kits in stock and they are still discounted.

There should be some Magazine Catch Springs arriving today so keep an eye out for those too!

Also got these cool little Glock Trays for holding parts - perfect for the range bag to give you a good surface to fill with parts if you do some range work to your GLOCK.

Last but not least for all you Fused Deposition guys during this sale we will also be running 50% off ALL Magazine Springs, Followers and Base Plates so stock up while you can

So....Whose going to buy some of those sweet rear rails? Comment below!

As always thanks for Gettin'ROOK'd and make sure you say the KING of YOUR Castle.

ROOK Tactical.

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No excuses now on finishing my build.


Glad I happened to decide to check out MGB's forum this morning (for the first time) and saw the post. Perfect timing, as I'm having a bear of a time with my rear rails. Ordered a couple to try out... hoping it solves my issues, and if so, will definitely be ordering more in the future.


Any limits to prevent people from buying out the whole inventory? I know I would as well...haha, but would be nice if we all can get a slice of the pie. Great work by the way, absolutely killin' it!

Replying to

Haha. I did, so thank you very much!


Okay, so it's not Saturday. It's Sunday the 25th.

Replying to

Nope it's Today, Saturday


Is the sale going on today or tomorrow? Today is not the 25th. Sunday is the 2

Replying to

Nope it's Today, Saturday

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