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Store Shenanigans! I'm Sorry!

Hey y'all just a quick post to apologize for the multiple re-stock alerts this evening. We appear to be having an issue with our store that we are trying to fix. We put a certain number of rails in inventory, and actually fulfilled all the orders we received this evening only to discover we had leftovers. So not sure where the discrepancy lies. Sorry for this extra piece of spam too, but while I have you're attention.....

Our machine shop is currently shipping us daily shipments as we try to meet demand and we will be putting rails in stock every evening I hope until my family and I go on vacation next week. So here's your early heads up!

That's all I got!

Get ROOK'd!

ROOK Tactical.

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1 Comment

No problem. I ordered a front rail earlier today, and just scored the rear set. Thanks folks!

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