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Hey Y'all

While we wait for the rest of the parts for the CL kits to show up ROOK went ahead and purchased some standard POLYMER80 kits to keep you guys occupied between now and then. Since the new AFT "RULE" still has not been entered on the federal register the to our understanding the 120 day countdown has not begun.

Don't worry the CL frames are still coming we are just working out some kinks (long story) but for now we will sell some STANDARD P80 kits for funsies! You can get rails later - I know what a comedian this guy is right?

The other piece of good news is, it does not look like ROOK Tactical will be affected by the latest attempts at TYRANNY. So for the foreseeable future we will continue making front and rear rails. Soon we hope to have the SC front rails then not too long after that we will be releasing the PF9SS. We had to put all of that on hold as we did not want to make the investment in tooling and purchasing without knowing what the future held. Well it looks like we are good to go, so we are off to the races again!

In this drop I would also like to point out that we now have released what we call the "Perfect Fit" PF45 Pins. These pins have been specially made to fit the PF45 slightly wider chassis and be perfectly flush in all of the important places. Currently we only have Stainless Steel. The DLC and TiN version are at the coaters this week. They are of course the same excellent quality 17-4PH Stainless Steel we make all of our pins from.

We should have G17 Tac Spikes and Smooth Operator Guide rods in the not too distant future also.

As for the frames we will have the following in stock:

PF940V2 in FDE - QTY 50 - 159.99 Shipped

PF940V2 in GRAY - QTY 50 - 159.99 Shipped

PF940SC in GRAY - QTY 50 - 159.99 Shipped

PF940SC in OD Green - QTY 50 - 159.99 Shipped

PF940SC Blue Titanium - QTY 50 - 159.99 Shipped

PF9SS OD Green - QTY 25 129.99 Shipped

PF9SS Cobalt - QTY 25 129.99 Shipped

If you do purchase a frame take 5% off any Upper Kit using code TAKEFIVE

Also please read the below ROOK Tactical will NOT ship to the following states or cities.

NOTE Shipment Not Available To:

New York

New Jersey


Washington DC

Entire San Diego County

City of Los Angeles, CA

City of San Francisco, CA

City of Denver, CO

If you attempt to purchase and ship a POLYMER80 to any of the listed places your order will be automatically canceled and refunded. THANKS!

Love Y'all


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