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Sincere Thanks from ROOK Tactical.

Hey Y'all,

It's crazy to us that Memorial Day Weekend is already upon us once more. Time certainly flies.

Last year we made the faux pas of sending out "Happy" Memorial Day, and a good customer reminded us pointedly that this should not necessarily be a happy time, and may not be a happy time for a lot of people who have lost someone they love in service of their country. So I am admitting to that fault and apologizing this year.

While I myself have been lucky enough to never have lost someone in that manner I have close friends that most definitely have. This year, and every year, my heart goes out to them and any of our customers or friends who have experienced this type of loss. I hope however that those of you who may be missing loved ones this Memorial Day have happy cherished memories of those lost and take the time to focus on those.

A newfound friend of mine is currently in service to our country, and is leaving overseas for a 9-month deployment, so we would appreciate it if you would please keep him in your prayers and thoughts also.

As an extra thank you to those that serve or have served, we are allowing people who have signed up for our Military or First Responder discount to stack coupons this weekend, until the Memorial Day Weekend sale ends at midnight on Tuesday.

The entire store has 15% already taken off and the Holosuns are set to their lowest allowable pricing. We are also offering our Stainless Steel SC rails at $28.00 which is the lowest they will ever be.

As a military or first responder just enter the coupon code you have been given to stack that extra discount on. You are the only ones it will work for.

Our sincere thanks again to all those who have served or made the ultimate sacrifice in service of our country.

Love Y'all,


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