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We are having a huge giveaway of all the SWAG we picked up at SHOT Show on our Instagram page. Seriously there is some amazing stuff in here. We will be giving away 10 bags of stuff. The first place bag gets the most and includes a set of ROOK Tactical Front and Rear Rails and they will be winners choice! The 10th place bag we are calling the "B.O.D" but I promise it will still have some cool stuff in it even if its is a booby prize! We may sprinkle a set or two of rails through the rest of the bags just for funsies.

So head over to Instagram. In order to enter you MUST:

  1. 1.) FOLLOW ROOK Tactical

  2. 2.) LIKE the Post

  3. 3.) SHARE with 3 People and one of them MUST be one of the VENDORS listed

Love Y'all


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1 opmerking

Hey Peter, welcome home. Looks like you needed another suitcase to get your wonderful collection of swag home lol. I'm sure looking forward to the release of your new jig.

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