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Hey Y'all,

Its been a little while since I sent one of these out but its a special occasion - we are going to go ahead and put PF45 rails in stock right before we leave for SHOT Show. However there is a catch - or two. So pay attention.

As of right now all orders that have been received by 8:45pm CST 01/20/2024 will be shipped. However once this blog hits we will not be shipping anything else until AFTER SHOT Show. That's the first catch.

Here's the second catch while we do have a certain amount of PF45 Rear Rails in stock and ready to ship when we return from SHOT Show - we are not going to restrict the sale. We are for the first time ever allowing pre-order. With our new supplier we are confident in their abilities to produce moving forward so we are going to put them in stock with no restrictions however you MAY have to wait a week or two AFTER SHOT Show to get get them and we will fulfill in the order received.

Also we will be unable to discount the PF45 rails at least for this first time round but everything else will be discounted 15% on the site including compact front and rear rails and the slides we have been helping our friends over at Steel City Arsenal move.

This will be the last opportunity to buy those as we will be taking them down from the site after SHOT Show.

So make sure you read all the conditions before ordering as you may have a little bit of a wait but your spot in line will be guaranteed! That's all folks

If you are going to SHOT Show and see us there - please feel free to snag us, and I am sure we will have some goodies hidden away in our bag. Unless its Day 4 of the Show then you are probably out of luck. Cheers

ROOK Tactical.

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