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SHOT Sale Live now!

At the time of this blog drop, there are 94 rear rail sets left in stock. If you missed the drop this morning because you didn't sign up for Back In Stock notifications first of all boo on you! However not to fear as we are running now and should have a regular supply moving forward once more. Fingers and toes crossed...

ROOK Tactical IS attending SHOT Show this week and I'm writing this blog in the car on the way to Range Day which we were lucky enough to get a pass for. Thanks J!

We have put the majority of the store on sale at 15% off (no coupon code needed) including a major discount (40%) on the Stainless Steel SC Rails.

Don't forget we have Coated Front Rails in stock now in DLC and TiN, plus all of our pin kits are back in stock in their various coating variations.

If you see me at SHOT (we will be wearing our new UNO shirts with the UNO on the back below the neck in bright green) then flag me down and I may have some free goodies for you safe word is "Humperdinck" - no word - no goodies.

Now go get your rails as this blog will go to the general population and the 94 sets we have won't last long at all!

Love y'all


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Aj 15
Aj 15
Jan 17, 2023

You got me again! You said “rear rails” and I was AMPED I finally get to build my two Glock 20s and my other Glock 21. I’ll continue crossing my fingers and toes for the Pf45s

Jeffrey Miller
Jeffrey Miller
Jan 17, 2023
Replying to

Same here need two sets for the 21

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