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SC Rails...Finally!

In fact we for once have MOST of the rails in stock that we currently manufacture. No PF45 rears but we are making the tooling switch and should start seeing batches soon.

However that's not why you are here. You are here for the long awaited release of the PF940SC front rails. We are putting a pretty large amount in stock but I still expect this first batch to move pretty quickly. Fear not there will be more! You could also head over to our Instagram page where you can enter for a chance to win a set of rails and some other goodies specifically for the SC frame. All you have to do is:

  1. Follow us on Instagram

  2. Like the Post

  3. Tag and Share with at least two other friends

Also please be aware there is a scammer trying to impersonate us they list themselves as rooktactiical with two I's do not accept - please report and block. Thanks!

I built out a SC yesterday just to function test and ensure good fitment and these things are nice the holes are perfect and the fit is tight. Operation is smooth as butter and overall we are happy with how they came out. Go here to get yours!

We are also putting Rear Rails in stock and we continue to have the Compact Front Rails and V2 Front rails in stock so you can get them all today!

Also we are going to take 30% off our G19 Stainless Steel and TiN Coated Smooth Operator Guide Rods with Spring so if you have been on the fence about trying one of our sweet Smooth Operator Guide Rods today would be a good day.

The Smooth Operator Guide Rods and "Tac Spikes" in stainless steel for the PF45/G20/G21 are now also released and in stock! Coated ones are still a little ways out.

All smooth operators guide rods and Tac Spikes can be found here at the below Links:

Last but not least we have restocked MOST of our pins including the Strike80 Specific pin setsand have added some new ones in the form of the PF9SS pin set.

Currently we are only adding stainless stock as we have to send out a bunch to get coated in the new few weeks.

Love Y'all


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5 comentarios

What is the advantages of the rook rails again?

Me gusta
ROOK Tactical
ROOK Tactical
15 sept 2022
Contestando a

What he said ^^^^^

Me gusta

Saying I'm excited for the SC FLB is a major understatement. Can't wait, I literally tossed it to the side last year patiently awaiting the goodness. Best wishes.

Me gusta
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