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ROOK Tacticals Canceled NRA Show Sale! Oh and that whole Labor Day thing too....

ROOK was all setup to be at the BIG NRA show this weekend down in Houston - we had a booth just down from JSD supply and Polymer80 - it was going to be EPIC. But the Delta Variant said NO!

So now we have like 600 Koozies that we were going to use for giveaways at the show, and a bunch of hats we were going to make people play impossible carnival games to attempt to win - no seriously - nerf darts and rotating rings in front of the targets....Carnival....Games...

So now what do we do? Well we have a Labor Day Sale of Course. Starting at 9am TT (That'd be Texas Time y'all...)

First the freebies:

Any order over $100 receives a free ROOK Tactical Koozie (my choice of color) and free shipping on top of any other deals.

Any orders over $200 get TWO Free ROOK Tactical Koozies and you even get to choose the colors we have FDE, Charcoal and White. Along with FREE Priority Shipping.

Any orders over $500 get FIVE Free Koozies and 1 ROOK Tactical Hat (a $30 Value) You get to choose the color of all of the freebies. On top of the FDE, Charcoal and White Koozies we have a couple of new Hat Colors. Current Choices are: MultiCam with Black and White ROOK Logo, Heather Gray with Black and White ROOK Logo, Dark Grey with Brown Leather and Black ROOK Logo and Navy Blue with Brown Leather and Black ROOK Logo. Just make sure you write what color you would like in the notes.

Everybody gets a sticker....

So the deals - what do you have for us ROOK?

How about discounted rail kits? Which we never discount so we better sell out!

We have put together 40 "kits" of (READ) G19 Front Rails, G17/G19 Rear rails and a set of Dimpled Pins for $87.00 that's close to 15% off retail of $101.50. The catch is you have to buy them all in order to qualify for the discount:

We have 5 (yes five don't ask! More are on order I promise) "kits" of G17 Front Rails with G17/G19 Rear rails and a set of dimpled pins for $90.00 again close to a 15% discount off the retail price of $105.00. Get them while you can because they will go fast:

We are also going to give you guys that want single rails sets a bit of a break too. G19 Front rails will be $45.00 a set.

G17/G19/PF45 Rear Rails will be $32.00 a set. when bought individually also.

What about Steel City Arsenal or NineX19? Well we know our friends over there had a 15% off sale sitewide all weekend, but we just happen to have four (4) G19 Vapor Slides in Stock. Two in FDE (sold out) with a Black barrel and two in all Black (which will probably sell out before Monday) - we cannot offer any discounts on them but if you went over there and they are sold out then we have at least a couple.

FDE Linked Through Picture below:

Black Linked Below:

We do still also have a few of their ultralight slides and the much sought after P40 Warhawk slide also!

How about some OEM Glock G42/G43 Night Sight kits, that can't be found anywhere. Retail is normally $134.00 we have them on sale for $87.00 (got 8 sets - need em gone!)

All of our aftermarket made in the USA upper parts kits will be 15-16% off through Monday that means:

G43 Upper Parts Kits for $59.49

G19 and G17 Upper Parts Kits for $49.99

We have a few of the NineX19 unthreaded barrels in Gold left in stock and you can take 5% off their 139.99 price knocking them down to $132.99

Still have some Rival Arms G26 Match Grade Barrels in stock they are normally 219.99, we have them down to 199.99 and they are "discount capable" meaning that your codes from MGB or our Beta Tester will work on them:

The Rival Arms Extended Slide Locks are also at the lowest advertised price allowed, but they are also eligible for discount codes:

Hats will be on sale for $30 you should definitely buy one to show your allegiance to ROOK.

That's all I got. Happy Labor Day Y'all.


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1 Comment

Stephen L.
Stephen L.
Sep 04, 2021

Good stuff my English friend. My mother hails from the land of Scots. Beautiful country over there. Thank you for the hook up on your parts. You are a great contributor to our community!

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