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ROOK Tactical PF940SC and NOMAD 9 Pin Kits in stock now!

Hey Y'all

That's right we just dropped dimpled pin kits for the Nomad 9 and the PF940SC for now they are in Stainless Steel only but coated DLC and TiN will arrive in the not too distant future we are also looking at a pin kit for the NOMAD 9F. The best part about the new pin kits? Rather than pulling a Porsche and charging you more for less (aka the Weissach package) - we are charging you less for less pins! Only $13.50 a set in plain stainless.

We also dropped the PF45 Perfect fit pin kits y'all have been waiting for last week so those are in stock also!

There are still quite a few of the standard Polymer80 kits available in V2, SC and SS format.

All current Standard Frame Polymer80 STOCK comes with FREE Priority Shipping and 5% off any upper parts kits added with coupon TAKEFIVE.

Last but not least we have a new product offering Gen 5 Slide Lock Springs. These are the springs that go under your slide lock (They used to be a lever spring) we have a new spring manufacturer we are working with and we needed springs for all the CL frames. While we were there we just ordered extra. Win!

Lastly its official the the tyrannical rule has been placed into the Federal Register as of April 26th and we have 120 days before the rule goes into effect. August 25th is the current date at that point if it goes through, any Polymer80s sold will need to be serialized and pushed to an FLL.

While it IS being fought in the courts the future of the Polymer80, GST-9, Lone Wolf arms kits is at best uncertain. We have Polymer80's in stock and ready to ship the price DOES include FREE Priority Shipping. I would say get in now so you aren't fighting the rush coming in the next 120 days.

The good news is that it definitely does not say anything about ROOK Tacticals rails (front or rear) and so we will be continuing production for as long as we can. We have started moving forward again with production of the SC front rails, and the PF9SS rails so expect those to begin dropping over the coming weeks and months.

Keeping it short and sweet for Sunday.

Thanks Y'all!


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May 01, 2022

Rook my friend, when are the CLs coming?

So excited for the rook tactical p80s!

May 01, 2022
Replying to

I know. Can you blame a girl for trying?? 😍Just sitting here anxiously awaiting their arrival... the new pin sets look great!

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