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ROOK Tactical on Sort of Mars Podcast!

Okay for real this time last post and last bit of work before we drop off the radar for the week but we just HAD to send this out.

So recently we managed to finagle our way onto a semi-famous(?) Podcast (one of the protagonists being one of our customers seemed to help!).

They normally stick to interviewing forgotten and not so forgotten B-list movie stars but made an exception just for us!

This was probably about as much fun as you can have outside of shooting at things with your pants on. We drank some bourbon, some scotch, and we laughed a lot.

So if you want to know a little more about ROOK Tactical. Who we are. How we started and maybe a sneak peek into our future plans this is probably worth a listen!

Also I am going to ask that you do two things as a result of this -

If you do not already follow us on Instagram please take the time to do just that as we would really like to get to 1000 followers as one of our next goals. In fact maybe we won't drop any more rails until we DO get to 1000 follows! While you are there then go ahead and follow the Sort Of Mars podcast Instagram, also - these guys are going to be MORE than famous one day and they are doing some great things with their podcast. I've made it easy with links to both below.

Here is the link to the podcast:


I'm leaving for real this time see you all after Christmas!


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Unruly Rider
Unruly Rider
Jan 06, 2022

What is the ETA for your PF45 rails and locking blocks to come back in stock... just missed them last go around. I am unable to finish my build without your exceptional machined parts.


Dec 18, 2021

Sounds good... Anything to help ROOK out.! Now go enjoy your Holiday.. Lol.

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