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ROOK Tactical JULY 4TH Sale Continues through Wednesday. Happy Independence Day Y'all!

Happy Independence Day!

The ROOK Tactical 4th Of July Sale will continue through Wednesday until we are all caught up on packing up our shipments.

Don't forget to check out our new addition - The PAWN SHOP - where you can find used, blemished or possessed items for a great discount. Everything in the Pawn Shop will function and work just fine it just may have some blemish we weren't happy with or may have been slightly used from testing. We have added a few more items into the mix for the remainder of the sale.

The GLOCK parts listed are OVERSTOCK items and have 35% off.

Also we are adding some used Thermal optics that a friend has asked us to put up on consignment. These things are pretty sweet. They are used, but this guy keeps everything he owns in tip-top shape. They will have been barely used and always had the batteries removed when not in use. I myself bought a PVS-14 night vision monocle from him and it literally was brand new.

Since they are high dollar items and ITAR restricted some verification will be required after purchase.

We are also working on some more deals to stock up the PAWN SHOP with some interesting items in the future so be sure to check it whenever you visit.



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