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ROOK Tactical - Black Friday Deals - DOORBUSTER Details - Begins Friday at 2pm CST!

hey Y'all

Doorbuster Deals Start at 2pm CST Friday!

Lets just get this out of the way up front - we currently do not have rear rails - probably will not have them for Black Friday, and while we are working to get them in stock the main machine that manufactures them has had a pretty major issue we have been trying to fix. When we do get them back in stock it will be PF940/V2/C/SC s initially with PF45's to follow after that. While we were hoping to have them in time for Black Friday it just hasn't worked out. I could sit here and go into the struggles and the attacks (seriously) we have faced over the last few months but there is no real point as crying gets us nowhere right? I will follow up with another Blog Post giving some more detail in the near future. We also have a pretty big new project in the works which is part of the reason we have been so quiet.

However! Pay attention! We have taken the last ten sets of V2/C/SC rear rails we have in our possession currently and sprinkled them among the Black Friday Doorbuster deals. There are 50 sets of each doorbuster deal so if you buy one then you have a 1 in 10 chance of getting a set of rails on top of the other items listed - FOR FREE. They were divided equally. That's as fair as we could make it.

It's completely random - I don't even know which bags they are in they will go as we grab them to ship! That means there are ten bags in there that have a retail value of well over $100 for less than you would normally pay for just a front rail and they come with pins and smooth operator safety plungers too

Limit 2 Doorbusters Per Person.

Last year we had a lot of complaints about people not being able to get into the doorbuster deal or having it in their cart, and it then disappearing and not being able to check out. So this year while the same rules still apply (first come first serve) we understand people are in a hurry to get in and get out and that's not ideal for making more sales - if you purchase a doorbuster and then want to place another order for more stuff later we will refund the shipping on the second order and combine them. This way you can just checkout and come back for the other deals knowing you will have scored your doorbuster. So lets get to the deals shall we?

Check this out...we so fancee now! Again this all starts on Friday at 2pm!

Love Y'all.


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Michael Miller
Michael Miller
24 лист. 2022 р.

And here I just bought OEM parts kits on Midway yesterday...FML.

ROOK Tactical
ROOK Tactical
24 лист. 2022 р.
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Send it back! Or buy another will ALWAYS NEED MORE....

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