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ROOK Tactical 4th of July Sale Starts NOW! PAWN SHOP Grand Opening!

Hey Y'all,

Lets start with some VERY HAPPY NEWS! The ATF Frame and Receiver Final Rule was VACATED this evening. It is GONE and DONE.

This is a great birthday present for that celebration of America's Birthday that is upon us once again. It's hard to believe that ROOK Tactical entered its third year of business on January 19th 2023 and even harder to believe its JULY already.

Over the past 2.5 years we have managed to accumulate a lot of *blemished* parts that we would not sell to the general public as what we would consider to be a "quality" product.

The idea for "The Pawn Shop" has been knocking around in my head for a little over a year and we finally have enough items to make it a reality, and we figured what better time to drop a bunch of battered, bruised, used, possessed, scratched, dented, tested items that we no longer have a use for than when we have a pretty kick ass sale going on? They are just taking up space in the shop's time to let go! We fit test a lot of stuff so while a lot of these items are USED a lot of them are essentially brand new.

Everything for sale will function perfectly they just aren't perfect. However there are no returns, refunds, complaints, bitchin', warranty implied or otherwise. What you see is "probably" what you get it may not be the exact photo piece but it will be what is described. I promise it won't be a bag of bull crap. Once we run out they are more than likely OUT forever so don't go clicking that Back-in-stock Notification or ask "Hey when will this be back in stock?" .

For example we have some rails that we used to test different heat treatments before coating. They are a little burned/crispy - but don't worry they will polish right out! They were professionally heat treated so no issue with material qualities they just may need a little love and care before installing. We even have a few in the V2/PF45 style.

For the DLC guide rods and TAC Spikes - the DLC just wasn't up to snuff with some gaps and maybe rough spots which is why they are the "Smooth-ish Operators".

We also have some overstocked OEM Glock parts going into "The Pawn Shop" for 35% off retail so its worth taking a peek as who knows what deals you may find?

The Pawn shop will be updated hopefully frequently, and may even be updated with MORE items through the weekend. There's a rumor of a thermal sight possibly going up for sale?

Watch out for that MYSTERY BOX though, as the other chatter at the coffee pot is that may be a laptop we found on the street filled with Russian disinformation... if we decide to let it go, it will be cheap, limited in number and definitely worth more than the asking price - the question is are you willing to risk it to see what it is?

Outside of that we will have the standard 4th of July offerings - 17.76% of almost everything else in the store including the new Glock Performance Trigger - Holosuns at MAP pricing - you

We truly hope everybody has a fantastic 4th of July and please remember to stay safe and stay strapped.

I now declare the ROOK Tactical PAWN SHOP Open for business!

Love Y'all.


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