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Rear Rails Back in Stock a FEW (12) Front Rails and some OEM GLOCK Parts TOO!

Short and Sweet this evening it's movie night with the Wife!

Rear Rails back in stock - got 100 sets get them before they are gone!

Found a few of the PF940C/Strike80 aka G19Front rails knocking about once these are gone it will be 3-4 weeks before we get more

OEM Glock parts Just Arrived!

G42 Slide Stop Lever with spring - GLSP33272

G42 Extractor Depressor Plungers - GLSP33185

G21 Gen 4 Reversible Magazine Catches - GLSP08795

Standard Glock OEM Gen 4 Reversible Magazine Catches - GLSP07534

OEM Glock Polymer Rear 6.9mm Sights - GLO-196

OEM Glock Polymer Rear 6.1mm Sights - GLSP00154

Free Koozie with any purchase!

Have a great weekend everybody.


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