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PF45 Rear Rails dropping now

Pretty much as it says. Going to keep it short and sweet as somebody needs to go to bed for his beauty rest and it's not me. Beta Tester says these are good to go now. He's pretty awesome and not the sleepy one. The sleepy one is pretty awesome too though.

Usually I like to make y'all read - you know for my ego and stuff. But tonight, nooo straight to the good stuff, how about some sweet new hats? We worked on these for a while and they are freakin...awesome....

Multicam for all you Tacticool nerds and Heather Grey for the classy folk. Lets face it most of us are both! Tacticool Classy Nerds Unite!

Note* Both hats have the same Leather Patch Emblem on them. You just can't see it on the Tacticool Multicam because its stealth - and facing away from the camera.

"But ROOK?" - about a hundred a people a week ask me - "What about the standard G17/G19 Rails?" Well look, we have some in stock but not many. We are trying to get our machine shop ramped up and should have alternating re-supply drops for a month so that should keep everybody fed for a while we hope! But we are still growing! I'll have 13 sets in stock but that's all!

BUT! They ARE the Generation 2.0 version of the rear rails which now have a radius front and rear on the shelf and an inner and outer radius on the top and bottom of the shelf. They are an improvement and we should get another 100 in later this week. But for now you get 13! No more!

Thanks for Gettin'ROOK'd!

ROOK Tactical.

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