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Off to TriggrCon we go! Discounts Maintained Through the Weekend!

ROOK Tactical will be out of the office for the next few days attending TriggrCon up in Wichita. We will be checking e-mails and all that jazz but please expect less than our usual stellar response time while we are out on "business".

If you are attending then feel free to "Holla" if you see me wandering around in my ROOK Tactical Shirt and Hat. I MAY just have some free Rails and/or DLC Smooth Operator safety Plungers hanging out in my bag I also brought lots of ROOK Tactical morale patches just in case.

We are going to go ahead and keep the 10% discount going on front rails through Sunday. Everything else on the site including OEM Glock Parts and other ROOK Parts will be 12% off through the duration of TriggrCon until I return.

Just keep in mind as we are our of town we will not get to shipping until Monday!



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