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New Year! New Website! Coated Rails in stock NOW! PINS also Re-Stocked!

Hey Y'all,

Welcome to the new upgraded website for ROOK Tactical! We have been pretty busy over the Christmas Break working to bring the customers a better website experience for 2023. We think it looks pretty fantastic so far, but we will be continuing to expand and improve over the coming months. If you happen to come across any bugs or issues then please submit them to:

If the bug is verified to be real then you may even get a prize!

We are going to go ahead and drop some of our NEW Coated Front rails into stock today. A little late for Christmas I know but we were busy! There are not too many as this was just kind of an initial test run to see how they did but we have ALL the front rail sizes in both DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) and TiN (Titanium Nitride). If you want the ultimate in performance for your Polymer80 build then this is it.

Before we coated them we subjected the rails to a slightly different heat treat. We really are striving for lifetime rails and this is the first step towards that. The other goal is of course to make the slide run as smooth and as quickly as possible for all you competition guys and giving you the matching rails for all you Gucci lovers out there.

Along with the rails we also just restocked all the PIN variations in TiN and DLC along with the Guide Rods and Tac Spikes in all their variations.

We went ahead and got some Tac Spikes coated in Rainbow for something a little different and they turned out pretty awesome as you can see below. We have them in G19 and G17 size only and we did a limited run for the first batch so get them while you can! They do include the 18lb Spring:

I know you guys are still of course wondering where the Rear Rails are - the truth is we had a pretty big breakdown on the machine that manufactures them. Fixing CNC machines can be time consuming and expensive, and as usual one problem led to another problem and another so we wanted to make sure everything was fixed and good to go before resuming production. We can't really make them on any other machine due to the fixturing so this is kind of where we are stuck right now. They will return soon but as always we will not give out dates or estimates.

With that being said I am sure you have all heard by now of the rule change or "clarification of tyranny" that most recently came down the pipeline. We will of course see how it pans out in the courts, but there is no doubt that this could affect our ability to stay in business (at least in this form) moving forward. Rails are our bread and butter and if there are no new Polymer80 sales then there will be no reason for us to make more rails. That's just the hard truth.

Love Y'all.


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Jan 02, 2023

Don’t forget about the 3d community


Shawn Morton
Shawn Morton
Dec 31, 2022

P80 will still be making serialized frames with their crappy rails so even if the 80% frames get banned there will still be a market for your rails

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