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Hey Y'all

We have got some SMOKING deals for you this Labor Day. We managed to snag a bunch of overstock SLIDES and MAGWELLS from our good friends over at Steel City Arsenal and Wildland Precision. These are NOT blem items they are all perfect and brand new we just got them for a good price, and now we get to pass those savings on to you! This is exactly the sort of thing we created the PAWN Shop for.

As you know these guys make some of the nicest slides on the market that retails around $315.00 and we are putting them up today for $199.99 that's a 37% discount! The Magwells are going up for $49.99 and those are usually $75.00 and that's a 34% discount.

The other rules to the PAWN Shop still apply though at this price the sales are final and once the stock is gone it is gone!

We will also be taking 15-25% off most of the other items in the store. OEM Glock parts for cheap and we have Compact and Sub-Compact front rails in stock in both Stainless Steel and DLC and those are 20% off this weekend. .

No coupons will be active today all discounts are already activated and in the Cart.

Where are the rear rails you may ask? They are coming as usual! As stated previously we are bringing them all in house and hope to have the regular supply up and running soon. Maybe 3-4 weeks?

If you have not done so yet then make sure you head over to the Tac Pack giveaway we are involved in and sign-up! Its your chance to win over $10,000 in stuff that they have put together from various vendors including a FULL Night Vision Setup with PVS-14 monocular and Helmet! The giveaway closes on September 9th so don't hesitate sign up today!

Last but definitely not least we also have some limited edition Marine Gun Builder slides going into the store today. For those of you in the build community, most of you have either learned from him or watched at least ONE of his build video's in the past. Kenny is the guy that taught us all and is a big part of the reason I am where I am today with ROOK Tactical.

Last year he collaborated with Steel City Arsenal on some slides to his spec. They come with the RMR cut behind the Sights and the Suppressor Height Sights are included and pre-installed. They also include a pretty sweet barrel relief/notch in the front. We have the last of the G17 version of the slides and have them pretty heavily discounted until they are gone. IYKYK!

That's all folks! Hope everybody has a safe and happy Labor Day weekend.

Love Y'all


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