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Hope Y'all Are Ready! I know we aren't!

Sorry we are late - it feels like we are drinking from the fire hose every day here at ROOK Tactical. We have been super excited for this drop but wanted to make sure we had everything on hand to reduce wait times as we have a LOT of stuff including some Discounted BLEMISH Front Rails.

Just going to do a rundown of the drop as we literally have TOO MUCH STUFF TO LIST:

EXCLUSIVE to ROOK Tactical! Nomad Defense Trigger Housing with Connector and 30274 Clone Ejector. Our new friends over at NOMAD Defense gave us a special exclusive drop on these before anybody else gets JUST individual parts The trigger housings include the Connectors and Ejectors and are of a very high quality:

We also have JUST the Ejectors for those of you looking to upgrade from your 336 ejectors to a 30274 Clone these things are the BEES KNEES and have been torture tested with a couple of thousand rounds with no issues per NOMAD Defense. We will be sending some out to our Beta Tester to double check but they are heat treated stainless steel and should last forever!

Okay lets get to the GLOCK Goodies! Our distributor has been slowly re-stocking items and we have been watching closely, trying to snap them up as soon as they come available:

If you made it this far lucky you! We also found a FEW OEM Triggers during a recent inventory count. These have been hard to find for a while so get them while you can.

We have a few of the Early Model we call them GLO-2303-0 Trigger bars. 3 of them to be precise! They are early and are serrated trigger faces with a straight cruciform shoe.

Get them before they are gone!

Phew almost there! Okay I promised $1.00 Magazine springs and if you go check you will see they are all $1.00! We have also set all followers to $2.00 each! So you can get a brand new magazine spring and follower for $3.00. That's a deal for parts that a lot of people don't pay attention to but are critical for reliability.

Okay so...RAILS...we are still suffering through some supply chain problems on the front rails but we did receive a shipment this week. We got 30 front P940C Strike80 Versions in BUT, we also got some FIRST Generation machined rails that weren't exactly perfect. They were still good and they worked fine for the majority of most people however, some people found they had to do some fitting especially around the dumbell pin slot on the G17 rails. Here's the deal IF you purchase the blemish rail we offer no aftermarket support for it it's up to YOU to figure it out how to hand fit it and make it work. But they are only $40.00 which is more than a 20% Discount. No fancy pictures. Just a link and a price. I think we have 25 of one and 17 of the other so I expect them to go quick.

We have plenty of rear rails that will also go into stock at the time of this drop i'm not linking you because y'all have already left and stopped reading!

There is also probably some other hidden gems like Steel City Arsenal Ultralight and 1 Warhawk slide on the website but I will leave that all up to you to find. Happy Hunting!

Adios For Now.


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