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Happy 4th Of July! ROOK Sale Ends tonight!

Happy 4th of July from ROOK Tactical! Thank you to all of our customers for one of the best weekends we have ever had and LOOK!!

We STILL have RAILS and FRAMES! It's true WE still have front rails, rear rails and ROOK Tactical Edition CL frames in stock, and they are on sale so get them while you can as the discounts will end at midnight. The OEM GLOCK parts discount is pretty sweet also at 17.76%!

Let me ask you this? Is there anything MORE American than buying gun parts on the 4th of July? Is there any better way to celebrate your independence and exercise your 2nd amendment rights than purchasing a ROOK Tactical Edition Compact Longslide Polymer80? We had a discussion and we do not think there is...

ROOK had a very busy weekend and we have started packing and shipping, but we have a lot to do. Your patience over the next 5-7 days as we work to get all the labels printed and all the packages shipped out is appreciated. Just a reminder if you do receive a shipping notification, that just means the label has been printed on our end. It still may take us a few days to get to your label and actually pack the box so don't fret right away if you click your link and it doesn't show any movement. It's just the way our system works.

ROOK Tactical is taking today and probably most of tomorrow off but we will be back at it hard on Wednesday and our hope is to have ALL Orders fulfilled by Friday. So please be patient. Thanks!

Last but not least I leave you with a little something that our friends over at the Sort of Mars podcast made for us that showcases JUST how smooth the ROOK Tactical rails will make your Polymer80 - check out the link below then check out their podcasts on Spotify. We were on there and you can learn more about how ROOK was started.

It's 2:44 minutes of your life that you will never get back but watch until the end for the payoff!

The Spotify Podcasst for ROOK Tactical can be found here:

Also go LIKE and follow their instagram as they need it!

Love Y'all


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