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Which one do you want first?

Let's start with the bad news...phew this is a tough one. We are going to rip the band-aid off but I promise that it will be okay...okay? Good...

While doing some testing on the rails we had received from one of the chosen rail vendors we thought were qualified to make some parts we discovered some issues that pushed us to ask for the Material Test Reports of the material that they used to make the rails from. Not a huge deal but a little galling pushed us to double-check. We waited about a week and asked multiple times for the MTR and then received this.......

Well FUUUUUDDGESICLES - you see the problem here other than the obvious spelling mistakes, the lack of actual quality personnel signature, or the fact that I have seen that EXACT same stamp before on some material I had to reject at my DAY JOB in the oilfield, I am serious the exact same stamp! The problem fellow ROOKs is that it appears the vendor was trying to hoodwink us BEING an American company while quoting and having the parts outsourced and made over in China.


My insistence on not single-sourcing drove me to find a minimum of two vendors that could make these parts yet I was very specific in how I went about vetting my vendors and thought I had placed restrictions to prevent this, but this particular vendor found a loophole. This was discovered after a large order had been placed by the way. That order was immediately canceled. It was for the G19 style rails for the compact guns. I know right now you're thinking "Oh crap this is like a bad Kickstarter campaign gone wrong, and I will never get my money back or my rails!"

So now for the good news! As stated earlier I never single source and thankfully the other vendor who I had granted the G17 Contract to stepped up in a big big way. They committed to taking on the order for the G19 rails and also committed to having them done a week following the G17 rails. This is an AMERICAN company that uses material sourced either from the USA or EUROPE. Europe is okay by us I have a lot of experience with them and the Italians are good at making steel what can I say?

So now you're probably wondering well when are they arriving? C'mon ROOK it's been six weeks already. The current delivery dates given to me by the manufacturer for the G17 rails is the last week of April +/-1 week and we will begin shipping those immediately after some quality and fitment checks. The current delivery for the G19 rails is the following week +/- 1 week.

So while you have my sincere apologies that you will have to wait 1 extra week before you receive your rails I promise that they will be MANUFACTURED IN THE USA.

If anybody feels at all deterred by this please reach out to me at, and I will be happy to refund your order.

However I can't tell you how much it means that you have placed your faith in us and we intend to deliver as promised and continue delivering on promises so please stick around as the ride is just beginning.

Thanks for Gettin'ROOK'd!

Peter M

Owner - ROOK Tactical.

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2 comentários

Gunnar Knutson
Gunnar Knutson
11 de mar. de 2021

And this is why I’ll come back as many times as possible you make it easy,thanks for having a open and honest but for real I appreciate you actually calling them out i mean I haven’t got any yet id love to eventually but the ppl who did are literally standing behind them nobody wants to be taking aim one sec and eating a slide the next not Tha it would happen but I wouldn’t risk it and if I get a rail from rook I know I won’t be risking anything only enjoying that drop in quality don’t be a pawn shop rook lol there you go that’s a free tag line on me lol


11 de mar. de 2021

No worries from my point of view. Thank You for the honesty, transparency, and updating all you customers. This is super refreshing to see you step up when so many other vendors just string people along and refuse to communicate at all.

I'm willing to wait for the best products you can supply and hope you continue to innovate and help us build reliable tools as you grow.

Take Care and don't sweat it!!!

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