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Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Rook Tactical Newsletter October 19th

Welcome to Glocktober! 25% off all Glock parts and 15% off everything else.

We delayed the release of our Glocktober sale because we were trying to perfect a pumpkin spice polymer 80 frame. Don’t judge us, we’re working hard to bring in new customers to the customization scene.

The first 20 orders of $100 or more for GLOCKTOBER sale receive a FREE GLOCK Parts tray. a $10.00 Value so that's like an EXTRA 10% off!

Discussion point: Firearms storage options for different use cases

When it comes to firearms storage, most of us need multiple solutions for different scenarios, and that’s what we’re going to discuss today. We don’t sell storage solutions, so we’re going to share our thoughts with you based on the personal experiences of the Rook Tactical team.

We’ve broken storage down into three different categories:

  • Child safety storage

  • Anti-theft/fire storage

  • Quick access

Child safety storage

Let’s preface this by saying we consider child safety storage to be a storage solution with the main goal of denying easy access to children under the age of 10 or so. Anything older than that and their endless creativity and mischief is going to easily defeat the solutions we’re mentioning here. So you’ve got young kids but you don’t have $800+ for a true gun safe. No problem, you can get a lockable metal storage cabinet for under $100 on Amazon. The main features you want here are steel locking bars that extend into the frame instead of a flimsy little latch. These cheap solutions will usually have a standard keyed lock, or maybe even just a clasp for inserting a combo lock of some kind. Any adult with a pry bar and 15 seconds of time can get into this cabinet, but in our experience, children don’t have the strength to do that. This is the most basic lockable storage solution we can think of that is reasonably secure against the efforts of younger children. When it comes to storing the key for it though, we highly recommend you store it within a separate lockable container, like your quick access safe. Keeping it somewhere on an easily reachable shelf, hook, or your keychain means you’re not actually securing it from your children. Anti-theft and fireproof storage

This category is all about those big, beautiful, chonky steel safes that have ruined many a man’s back trying to maneuver into their closets. The main considerations for these safes are two-fold: how long it will take a reasonably competent thief to get into it, and how long it can protect its contents if the room is on fire. That’s what separates the $800 safes at your local Sporting Goods store from the $3,000+ options out there. If you’re budget-conscious, and just looking for something that will make a smash and grab burglar think it’s not worth their time, and willing to tolerate the relatively low-risk of a house fire, then by all means go with one of the cheaper options. A combo to avoid though is a cheapish safe with electronic access. The biometric and electronic keypads on the cheaper safes are generally terrible. So if you go cheap, then make sure a traditional number dial is the primary means of access. And don’t choose a combo that your kids know you use for other things. Choose something odd, and then memorize it. Practice opening your safe until you’ve got muscle memory of the combo. Don’t worry about how long it takes to access this safe. A full-size gun safe is the worst place to keep your home defense gun, so speed isn’t a consideration. Another option for anti-theft safes is concealment. If a thief can’t see the safe, then it doesn’t matter what lock is on it. With sheet metal and a willingness to cut into your drywall, you can build out a nice locking box between the wall studs. There are a ton of different ways you can conceal gun storage, limited only by your creativity and budget. Quick-access storage

While many people are comfortable with having a loaded firearm sitting in their nightstand drawer, or having a rifle propped up beside their bed, for others that may not be an acceptable option. Quick-access is a storage solution that should take no longer than 3 seconds to access. Maybe the industry has a different definition, but our opinion is that anything longer than 3 seconds in a home defense scenario is too long. While everyone and their mother has some offering of a quick-access pistol safe, the market for quick-access rifle and shotgun safes is somewhat underserved. Pistol options range from something cheap but effective like a Stopbox, all the way to the higher end with Vaultek and similar manufacturers. What really differentiates quick access safes are biometric/keypad access vs mechanical combination access. Much like with the big chonky gun safes, you probably don’t want a cheap quick access solution that has electronic entry, because using cheap, unreliable electronics or biometric readers is what keeps the price low. If you want to go cheap, get something that has a mechanical combination, because dicking around with a faulty keypad or fingerprint reader isn’t what you want to be doing when you think there’s an intruder on your property. For rifle and shotgun quick access, the under the bed option is the least obtrusive and most convenient. In a home defense scenario, being able to hop out of bed and come up ready to rock and roll with your sweet suppressed SBR three seconds later is kind of awesome. Keeping it under the bed is also good opsec. Visitors may have occasion to see inside your master bedroom, but few would have any reason to look under your bed. Concluding thoughts

Keeping a big chonky traditional gun safe is the best option for long-term storage, and it will definitely keep the kids out while also protecting your investments from floods, fires, and all but the most hardcore of thieves. The fancier ones even have climate control and dehumidifier options.

Child safety storage is really a temporary option while you save up for a real safe. It offers no advantages other than being a convenient place to stack long guns, but it does make for good ammo storage once you graduate to a more secure storage option. Quick access storage is the category where you really need to be discerning and do your research. While we obviously love Glocks here at Rook Tactical, pretty much everyone on our team is rocking something rifle-caliber for home defense, and those under the bed quick access rifle safes check almost all the boxes we want them to check. As a final reminder, those who choose cheap storage with electronic access are really rolling the dice and potentially setting themselves up for negative outcomes.

Hey Rook, where can I get my Glock slides custom cut for my favorite optic?

Glad you asked. We sell custom slides, and we’re certainly not the only ones, but if you’ve got a stock Glock slide and just want to mount a good optic on it, it’s very budget-friendly to get your existing slide cut rather than invest in a new slide.

We’re a small shop, and we believe in supporting other small shops. We’ve personally used Wager Machine Works and the speed and quality of their work is exceptional. If you want to put an indestructible Trijicon, RMRcc on your 43x and have it look beautiful afterwards, for example, then these guys will hook you up. They’ll even cerakote it for you, making sure those stock Glock people at the range will be jealous of how much cooler and handsome you are.

Hey, what about the Glocktober sale?

We didn’t forget. From now until October 31st, it’s 25% off Glock parts and 15% off other parts and accessories in our store. No Coupon needed but keep in mind e do not allow coupon stacking so anybody who tries may get their order canceled.

Lastly there will be an update on the UNO and Rear Rail production in the coming weeks I promise! Love Y'all, ROOK

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Michael Miller
Michael Miller

+1 for Wager Machineworks, best RMR cut and slide serrations I have gotten done.

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