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For those of you with FOMO!! We still have rails!

FOMO no more! We still have lots of front rails, rear rails and CL Frames in stock!

CL Frames are on sale for 10% off or $202.50 + free priority shipping (No California Sales!) This WILL be the last batch to drop. What we do not sell will go back to $225.00 after Monday and will stay there until they are all sold. Link below:

Standard Polymer80 Frames we have V2's and SC's in stock they are on sale for 109.99 + free priority shipping (No California Sales!)

ALL ROOK Tactical Rails - which we virtually never discount - will also be on sale with 10% off while supplies last they have lasted longer than expected for a change so don't miss your opportunity to score some rails!

ALL Other ROOK Tactical parts are 15% off including the newly released today TiN and DLC "Perfect Fit" PF45 Pin kits, Tin and DLC SubCompact Pin kits and TiN and DLC Nomad 9 Pin Kits:

Last but not least We are going to discount ALL OEM GLOCK parts and the CL Magwells that go with the CL Frames 17.76%.

Also a big congratulations to our giveaway winner nlara96. We have reached out to him to let him know he has won!

Love Y'all


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