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FLASH SALE! CL FRAMES $190.00! 20% Off ALL other in stock items 24 hours only!

Well you have 21 days until the Tyranny takes effect and we STILL have CL frames. Today only for 24 hours take $35.00 off the ROOK Tactical CL Frame Kit. That's $190.00.

All other items are on sale also at 20% off and includes standard frames and rails while we have them in stock!

Smooth Operator Guide Rods and Tac Spikes are also Back-in-Stock!

Free Priority Shipping on orders over $250.00 only during the Flash Sale!

Love Y'all


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Will you still be selling rails after augus?

ROOK Tactical
ROOK Tactical
Jul 30, 2022
Replying to

Yes absolutely! The upcoming tyranny at least for the moment appears to not affect us as far as rail sales go!

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