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DLC Compact Rails in stock!

Hey Y'all,

Hope everybody is simply having an awesome day.

If you're not then I suggest you go give the video below a listen. Every once in a while a song comes along that is not only compelling but carries the right message at exactly the right time while at the same moment being an absolute work of art and melody. A great friend of mine said it best. It's an ANTHEM. So do me a favor go listen. I think you will find it resonates truly with many of you.

This morning it was at 2 million views and it already at 4.2 million in just a few hours. I have listened to it countless times already. Please help make this guy go even more viral I think he speaks for many of us. Spread it like wildfire.

Other than that again I hope y'all are having an awesome Saturday and the DLC Front Compact locking blocks are now back in stock. These ones have the new upgraded DLC coating. I took a knife to it yesterday and couldn't put a mark on it! Its definitely a lot better than original vendor batches. We gave the peeps with Back in stock notifications for the product more than 24 hours so now its open to everybody.

We have a few sets of DLC rear rails left and I am putting them in stock too. They already have the upgraded coating.

One more thing! We have grown to the point where some help is needed and we are looking for an Engineering Intern that would like to come on board and help us grow to the next level. It's an exciting opportunity for somebody who is a go getter and is interested in R&D, New Product Development and playing with CNC machines. Ideal candidate would be 2nd-4th year college student working towards a technical degree of some sort. So if you know anybody who may have some interest please forward them to our careers page.

Love Y'all


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