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Day of Reflection: 22 Years After September 11th

My apologies for the lateness of this e-mail. We wanted to take the day to reflect on the past 22 years since the tragic events of September 11th, 2001, and then that day got away from us. No excuse for my tardiness on this really other than I am human.

I was 21 when the towers fell and still have vivid memories of who, and where I was back then. There now exists an entire generation that has grown up in the shadow of the Twin Towers attack, the majority of who thankfully do not know the actual terror and fear inflicted that day, and we hope of of course it never happens again. The world we do live in today, as a result of that attack is a much different place however.

As we do look back, it's essential not only to remember the pain, fear, and loss of that day but also the unwavering strength, resilience, and unity displayed in its aftermath.

In the wake of unimaginable tragedy, we witnessed countless stories of heroism. First responders rushing into the collapsing towers, risking everything to save those trapped inside. Strangers helping each other, showing that in the darkest of times, humanity's light can shine brightest. Communities came together, united in grief and determination to rebuild and recover. I often wish we could find our way back to that place of unity without tragedy as a crutch or driver.

The years that followed September 11th became not just a date to remember the lives lost, but also a call to cherish the values that make us strong – unity, perseverance, and a commitment to a better future. At ROOK Tactical, these values are at the heart of our mission, and they drive us every day to provide the best for our community.

As we remember the past 22 years, let us also look forward with hope and determination. Let's keep the memory of September 11th alive by supporting and caring for one another, training for the challenges ahead, and forging a future that honors those we lost and the lessons we've learned.

Never forget.


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1 commentaire

I remember that day well. Maybe a year or so behind you. Since then not only technology or politics, but our very sociological medium changed.

Somehow we found a way to share our common loss, and derived the strength to forget the things that made us different and bonded over that which we shared.

In this age of divisiveness may we find that spirit once again to strengthen each other and look for that light going forward.

To the future that awaits us all. Bright, and built on our efforts, as a nation, to be excellent to one another.

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