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Compact Front and Rear Rails in Stock Now!

Get'em while you can!

We have been fielding a lot of requests as to when the PF45 rails will be back in stock here lately, some people have asked if we will EVER have them in stock again.

The answer is yes, and we are definitely working on it. Long story short we were finding it to be very inefficient to be bouncing back and forth manufacturing one type of rail and then the other. It felt like we were chasing our tails. Also the PF45 rails sold at a much lower rate than the C/SC/V2 rear rails. So we made the decision to invest in some tooling and material and attempt to saturate the compact rear rail market while in the background slowly working on similar tooling for the PF45's.

Then the CL frame deal came along and that consumed the majority of our rear rail production for a few months also. However the light as they say is at the end of the tunnel - and we don't think its a train coming the other way?

Rear rail production has more than tripled this year, but we have also grown our customer base quite dramatically as it has also tripled in the last seven months. So while we are still trying to saturate the market but we are getting close.

We are of course constantly working to also bring new products to market and working towards a LOT of other goals we have set out.

I would love to give you an answer on the PF45 rails outside of we are trying as hard as we can but for now they are still back-burnered while we try to catch up on the standard rears. Hopefully before Christmas! That's all I am willing to say.



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1 Comment

Jeffrey Miller
Jeffrey Miller
Sep 05, 2022

Can we help drum up interest in production of the sc front rails, the ones with the cad drawing on the website?

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