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CL Frames/Regular Frames on Sale and Rear Rails back in Stock and G17 "TAC SPIKES" Out now!

Hey Y'all

We are going to take a few days off this weekend so anything purchased over the weekend won't ship until Tuesday or later next week.

With that being said we are going to go ahead and drop the prices on the ROOK Tactical Edition CL frames to $190.00 again except this will be the price they will stay at until they are gone. Or until the deadline hits on August 20th

Standard Frames will drop back down to 20% off we will have quite a few in stock and as you know the deadline IS coming. So get them while you can!

V2/C/SC Rear rails are back in stock but we already have people inquiring so I expect those to go quickly.

We are going ahead and releasing the G17 version of the Tac Spikes and Smooth Operator Guide Rods in Stainless Steel only for now. We will work on getting the DLC coated and TiN coated ones in stock soon!

Nomad 30274 Clone Ejectors are also back in stock and we are going to take 20% off those AND the Trigger Housing which includes the connector and ejector.

We expect a restock of the PF45 rails sometime around the middle of September and the G26/SC front rails rails are 2-3 weeks out before first delivery. Make sure you are signed up for the Back-In-Stock notifications, as we will be giving those signed up first crack before dropping it on the blog.

FREE Priority Shipping on all orders over $250.00

See you next week!

Love Y'all


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