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Hey Y'all

We are going to go ahead and drop another batch of CL frames in stock while we are here at the NRA show along with a price drop on regular Polymer80 kits to put us closer to what our competition is selling them for. All of our Polymer80 Kits whether regular or ROOK'd include free priority shipping!

We dropped the first batch of CL frames last week, and by now most people have started receiving theirs. If you were one of the lucky ones to get in first it was because you had back-in-stock notifications setup. From here on out though we will be dropping them for everybody at once. Every man or woman for themselves!

In case you didn't know ROOK Tactical Edition CL frames come with our front and rear rails, dimpled pins and a few other goodies already in the box! So they are kind of a smoking deal since CL frames are still changing hands for $300.00 on Gunbroker.

There will be at least one or two more drops after the one this weekend then they will be GONE. Probably forever.

We are also putting some CL Magwells in stock thanks to my good friends over at Steel City Arsenal who have reserved us some of their stock these are the only Magwells that are CL specific. Get them while you can!

We do now offer standard Polymer80 Frames and we are dropping the price on those to 129.99 shipped for the PF940SC and PF940V2 Frames. The PF9SS Frames are now 109.99 shipped.

While we are here lets go ahead and take

15% off ALL OEM GLOCK Parts

15% off ALL our upper kits.

15% off Anything that ROOK makes minus the rails (unfortunately the cost to make those is rising faster than we can increase our order sizes - you know who to thank for that...some guy named Brandon...)

This coming week we should have ANOTHER rail drop. See I told you they would be coming hot and fast. Fast enough to where I am even willing to give an approximate clue as to when they will drop....this week...there's your clue : )

Since we are attending the NRA show we would certainly appreciate your patience as we work to get back to Ft.Worth and we will start shipping out orders on Monday.

Love Y'all


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1 Comment

May 29, 2022

I'm honestly surprised that you haven't sold out. These are straight up unicorns! Thank you Pete!

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