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Blocks Delayed - Will Be Friday or Saturday at the earliest!

Hey Y'all

Just wanted to drop a quick blog, and let everybody know that the P940C/Strike80 front locking blocks have been delayed...Covid...mumble mumble...something...mumble mumble was the excuse given to me...

They should be here Friday or Saturday...there will be rear rails up for grabs also.

We will be selling some GLOCK items that even with the recent re-stock of merchants are still pretty rare that I have been sitting on and will offer them at 10-15% off for Glocktober.

Look for the blog as I will have all the items listed with links, maybe even a couple of OEM Glock 21 Triggers?

Probably going to do $1.00 Mag Springs with any other purchase also - yeah....$1.00 Magazine Springs.

Anyway we are working on having a pretty massive drop of some items this coming week including some ROOK EXCLUSIVE Items from our new friends....over at....Oh wait you thought I was going to tell you?

Nah....see you on Saturday....

Trust me you are ALL going to want what we have coming.

Love you guys.


edit: I just realized I have 7 of the P940V2 PF45 front blocks left and 3 sets of Rear Rails. I'll put'em in stock. Catch me if you can!!

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