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Well y'all its been quite a week. You see...we got a notification from our payment provider "stripe" that since we were a dirty arms dealer they no longer wished to do business with us.

They gave us 5 days (not business days either) starting last Friday to find a NEW payment provider.

So here is the interesting point we were NOT in violation! In their e-mail they specifically said this:

But when you click the link to the specific language it says this see how it's separated and there is no "related products" within the actual ;weapons and munitions;?

You see we sell parts not guns nor munitions - maybe a lawyer who is more savvy can better explain this, and I am sure this is not a battle we would win in court. I just thought it interesting how they changed the wording to suit their narrative - as seems to be the norm these days:

Then they had the audacity to try and sell me into another one of their platforms that is more high-risk accepting. Nah eff that.

So it took a few days and of course some hoop-jumping but we managed to get setup with PINWHEEL. They are apparently used to doing business with HIGH-RISK entities and more 2A friendly. Long-term we had planned to make the switch anyway as we want to get our FFL in the not too distant future, but still, it shows they will attack our 2A rights in any way possible. So yes the website payment processor was down for a couple of days, and we apologize but now we are back!

Another new feature that needs mentioning, we now have is BACK-IN-STOCK alerts! This is great as it will save me from having to send out a boring blog and e-mail every time we manage to re-stock something giving me more time to focus on the things that are important like like the G26 front rails or the "Tacti-Spike"...

Okay so what goodies do we have today?

We know y'all have been waiting for this one for a while Pf940V2/CL and PF45 Front locking Blocks are back in stock. We made some adjustments to the rear pin and added some thickness and think the fit is now Good 2 Go across all the chassis. The last ones were a little too loose in the PF45. There is still a compromise on fit and we may still consider a different part number in the future but we are happy with it.

PF45 Rear Rails Are also back in Stock!

Still have LOT's of PF940C front rails available

How about a few P40 G17 Warhawk Slides and G19 Ultralight Slides in Battle Worn Gray from Steel City Arsenal and a sweet gold G19 Barrel to go with it?

We will be taking 10% off our Made in the USA Upper Parts kits for the rest of the weekend no discount code needed!:

The Pf940V2/C/SC Rear Rails are still a couple of days out, and we don't want to put them in stock until they are in our hands and we know they are ready to go. So make sure you are signed up for the back in stock notification!

As always thanks for Gettin'ROOK'd!

We love you guys.

ROOK Tactical.

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