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Heads up currently ROOK Tactical has all rails we manufacture in stock. This means we have:

PF 45 Rears with PF45/V2/CL fronts in stock (only 12 left of the fronts though then we will be out of them for 3-4 weeks.

PF940 V2/C/SC Rear Rails in stock with P940C and Strike80 Front Rails in Stock. This will be the last batch of front Compact/Strike 80 Rails at this price. Due to supply chain constraints and metal prices increasing rapidly the price unfortunately will HAVE to rise. Get'em while you can!

G26 Prototypes are Looking pretty good and still expect those to drop maybe mid-September.

Unfortunately the NRA Gun Show was canceled due to that pesky COVID. So for those that were planning on attending who we were hoping to see I apologize but we will get you next time!

Thanks as always,


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