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4 More days to get a CL Frame - FREE DLC Safety Plunger! A $17.99 Value.

ROOK is all caught up on shipping and therefore feel comfortable extending the period to be able to purchase until Sunday Morning (whenever I wake up and drag my ass out of bed). We will pack it all on Sunday and ship first thing Monday morning before the Tyranny Deadline hits on Wednesday.

There are all sorts of reports coming out from Guns and Gadgets ( the last few days and there is tremendous pressure from all sides right now. FEDEX is has joined UPS and is choosing to boycott companies that ship 80% kits, after pressure from various government entities. Allegedly the AFT is now going door to door looking for FRT triggers - even ones that were purchased through gun broker! We truly are under attack. Make sure you subscribe to Jared's channel he breaks a lot of news and gives a lot of great insights.

ROOK Tactical has 117 CL frames left in inventory - we really do appreciate all the customers stepping up and trying to empty us out of these things. I am fairly certain at this point there are very few frames left at all anywhere. Our good friends over at Rockey Brass are definitely out of them. JSD supply is probably out. 1776 Supply CO may have some along with No quarter innovations. There definitely are not many left though and we are completely out of standard frames!

For the last 117 Frames we have in stock along with being discounted from their original $225.00 price we are going to go ahead and throw in a DLC smooth operator safety plunger with spring to sweeten the deal. So they will come with our front and rear rails a set of the Stainless Dimpled Pins and a DLC Smooth Operator Safety plunger along with other ROOK swag.

We really do not want to be left with any frames simply because all this freedom deserves a home!

Also we are going to go ahead and put OEM GLOCK Parts back on sale for 15% off until Sunday morning and discount the PF940V2 front rails down to $49.50 until Sunday Morning.

For all those of you awaiting the release of the PF940SC Front Rails we are on track for delivery by the end of August so make sure you sign up for the back-in-stock notifications now as we are sure the first batches will sell out very very quickly! The prototypes look pretty good though and function great!

Go get those frames before they are all gone!

Love Y'all


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