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1776 - Does anybody have any Tea?

Sigh - well it's time for another confessional...I guess....guys...I'm a redcoat. No its true I was born in the UK and moved to the States when I was 16....

BUT!! I love...GUNS!!....and TEXAS!! MY TEXAN WIFE!! AND MY TEXAN CHILDREN!! Maybe not in that order....

Oh and lets not forget FREEDOM!!!

I am committed now to this country.

I guess you could look at the 17.76% discount we are offering for July 4th weekend as a reverse taxation it's like I am literally GIVING you guys the Tea to THROW in the Harbor.

Yes there will be a 17.76% discount on everything in the store. Except the rails....and Ninex19 barrels and Steel City Slides because you know MAP agreements and stuff.

BUUTTTTTTTT we ARE going to discount the rails 10% this will be the first time we discount them so take advantage of it as it will be for July 3rd and 4th ONLY.

The Upper Parts Kits however? Not only are they MADE IN THE USA but they have a 17.76% discount:




Everything else ROOK Tactical Manufactures right here in the USA? 17.76% discount.

The ROOK Tactical SMOOTH OPERATOR Safety plungers? Strike 80 Pins? Standard Dimpled Pins? 1776 Baby!



NO discount code needed for the rails they will just be discounted.

Oh...and one more thing -

We have shirts! Visit our Apparel section to find a new selection of shirts - my favorite being the Smooth Operator:

As always thanks for Gettin'ROOK'd and please make sure you maintain position as the KING of YOUR CASTLE!

ROOK Tactical.

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