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15% OFF The entire STORE! Continues through Monday!

For those of you that may have missed our E-mail we are extending the 15% sale through to Monday evening.

Holosuns are now in stock that are 15% off MSRP and 10mm 6" OEM Glock Hunter barrels in stock also.

The 15% off applies to everything in store including our rails even the coated ones and the Sub-Compact aka SC aka G26 front rails are discounted heavily.

Don't suffer FOMO get yours now!

ROOK Tactical was invited on to The Rogue Banshee's podcast this past week and it is now live and up on YouTube. It was a great time and we discussed a lot of things like how ROOK Tactical started and I even brought The UNO along for a more in depth sneak peek. Check it out if you have time Jason was a great host and I am sure he would very much appreciate it the likes/follows/subscribes!



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