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Memorial Day Sale Continues. CL Frames Still available!

Hey Y'all

Just a quick note this Memorial Day to thank every soldier who has stood or fallen for our flag. We salute you all.

Did you know that ROOK Tactical offers a 15% discount (on most items) to Active Military and Veterans with the proper provided credentials?

Reach out to me via email to and we will get you sorted out with a code.

Just as an FYI there are still CL frames in stock to be had, and we will maintain the 15% discount on all ROOK parts (excluding rails) and OEM Glock parts until this evening at midnight.

All Polymer80 frames whether with ROOK Rails or not qualify for free priority shipping and any orders over $100 qualify for free standard shipping and any orders over $225 get free priority shipping.

Make sure y'all spend time with your loved ones today, and hug a veteran if you know one.

Love Y'all.


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1 Comment

sketchy roll
sketchy roll
May 30, 2022

Drop those cobalt cls I need one 😁

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