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Its Saturday you know what that means! ROOK Tactical DROP and More New Products!

Okay so last week we did have a pretty epic week and drop - this week is ALMOST as exciting but I mean a P40 WarHawk slide is hard to beat - some lucky guy picked that up. I was upset and cried a little inside as I really did want it for myself!

But we still have plenty of Strike 80 specific pin sets in stock that match the width of the frame perfectly especially in that skinny rear grip.

The safety plungers have been more popular than we initially anticipated. Good job we had LOTS of them made but get them while you can!

But what do we have this week you ask? How can you possibly keep this momentum up ROOK Tactical? We knew we had a big gap in our offering. In the past, we had pieced together some ALMOST STOCK Upper Parts Kits and MOSTLY STOCK Upper parts kits they sold so well, and we would love to do some of those mix and match parts in the future. But OEM Glock parts are literally like rocking horse poop currently.

But we found what we feel is about the best alternative compromise we could manage.

We went ahead and ordered some Upper Parts Kits from a reputable source that manufactures them right here in the USA. No overseas manufacturing whatsoever, It's good to know they hold the same values as us, they arrived yesterday aannndddd are very very nice in our opinion. They also come with a lifetime warranty on the firing pin and all metal parts, so if it ever breaks you get another one at no charge.

Currently, we have G17, G19, and the elusive G43 Upper parts kits in stock. NO LPK's this time around but we are working on it and will strive to carry them in the future.

Prices are $59.99 for the G17/G19 Upper Parts Kits and $69.99 for the G43 Upper parts kits.

If you're looking for a discount you better head over to and sign up for the no-cost membership to get a 10% discount or a VIP membership for a 15% discount as he is currently the only site with discount codes for ROOK Tactical.

The Upper Parts Kits can all be found here:



We also managed to score some of the GOLLLDDDD NineX19 Barrels this week so they are in stock also.

Lastly, we had a re-stock of both G19 Front Rails and Standard Rear Rails and we have 15 more sets of Juiced rails going back in stock this afternoon.

You can find those in the usual spots.

Thanks that's all I got for today - oh...wait! One more thing....the PF45 rear rail prototypes arrived this week in steel. Initial fitment looks pretty good but we are going to make ONE more slight adjustment as they sit a little high for our liking but they are on the way I would expect production to begin and us to start receiving rails in the next week or two!

As always thanks for Gettin'ROOK'd. Stay frosty my friends.

ROOK Tactical.

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