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Glocktober? Yeah We are a little Late!

Hey Y'all,

Well we are running a little behind on the start of Glocktober, but as they say it's better late than never! Let's get right to it!

G17/PF45 Front rails are back in stock. Get'em while you can the next shipment will be in two weeks. We expect the P940C/Strike80 Front rails to be in our hands for the drop NEXT Monday.

The Smooth Operators are back! We made some slight geometry changes to improve timing and our Beta Tester really likes these ones we have them for both the .45 and the 9mm/10mm/.40

*note the 9mm,10mm and .40 cal. use the same safety plunger for some reason the .45 is larger.

We also have some other hard to find OEM Glock goodies.

G43 Firing Pin complete assemblies with spring and spring cups - 10% off!

GLOCK OEM Firing Pin Sleeve - these have been hard to find for a while! Also 10% Off for Glocktober! only $4.50!

That's all we got for now we have a lot more stuff in the pipeline but we know you guys have been waiting on the front rails so we wanted to get those up as quickly as possible!

Thanks for Gettin'ROOK'd


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1 Comment

My PF45 rails are awesome. My G20 build runs flawlessly, and the tolerances are nice and tight!

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