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G17 Partial Upper Kits Goin'Hot! Some Sought After Items Back in Stock!

Going to keep this one short and sweet as its Saturday, and I am trying to squeeze in some family time!

We managed this week to piece together some "partial" kits from our distributors and also found some parts that we had hidden away for a rainy day, including some .45/10mm Safety Plungers (though they don't have springs!) .

Please be aware that the "partial" kits are missing quite a few pieces as the OEM Glock parts shortage continues to drag on. There is no spring plunger, or spring, no extractor depressor spring, no firing pin spring and no slide cover plate.

Be assured ROOK is working on a solution to this problem and we hope to have our own very high quality parts kit available in the coming months.

The new kits can be found here:

ROOK also has some G19/G17 firing pins, extractor depressor plungers, extractors, ZEV Channel Liners/Striker Sleeves and Spring Cups in stock individually for those of you trying to piece together a kit separately.

As promised we also have some items that were previously out of stock back in stock in VERY limited numbers including some .40S&W/357 Sig Firing Pins we have....2...then they are gone:

How about some 322 Trigger housing with (yes we all know it sucks 336) ejectors

And some 8203 with 8196-2 Ejectors for G20,G21,G29,G30,G30S,G36

4417 Trigger Bar Assemblies for G20/G21 anyone?

Here are the sought after .45/10mm Safety Plungers only 8 in stock so move fast!:

There may be a few other treasures to be found but I can't give away ALL the secrets can I now?

We are looking forward to the frenzy that will accompany the locking blocks when they get in stock in about 10-12 days if you are not yet on the pre-order list we would highly recommend doing so. At this point as we fully expect to sell out the limited stock we will have on hand which is about 45% spoken for already.

As always thanks for Gettin'ROOK'd and remember "Don't be a ROOK..."

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